Social Media Hacks

Many organizations experience huge loss in the business in terms of the breach in the systems. Hackers steal the data of an organization and blackmail the organization for money and many other uses. There are many opportunities and career options available for professional hackers. If you are an expert in controlling the problems both in hardware and software, you will get paid a lot. In this article, you can read about multiple reasons for an organization to hire an ethical hacker.

Social Media Hacks

Defensive Strategy

The work of an ethical hacker is to secure the system or network by duplicating the intent and actions of a malicious hacker. The vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the system can be used to fix the problems. They hack the system with prior permission from an organization to find the loopholes in the network.

Handle Cyber Attacks

The dark web helps malicious hackers to carry on present-day cyber attacks in a more sophisticated way. It is difficult to detect the illegal activities of a hacker in the absence of an intelligent intrusion detection system. An ethical hacker can help an organization to eliminate the chances of various cyberattacks. Sometimes it is more difficult for an ethical hacker to find the cyber attack for years. In that case, a well-experienced hacker with the same thought of a malicious hacker but with a different intention can help to protect and secure the sensitive data and information.

Create a Trust

An ethical hacker also helps to limits the organization’s liability when under a cyber attack. As per the regulations mentioned under GDPR, HIPAA, etc, the organization will be liable in case of a data breach, hack, or data leakage. Clients will trust an organization when they hire a certified ethical hacker to secure the system or network. It shows the commitment of an organization to the system/network security.

Protects the Credibility

The security breach can harm the credibility of an organization in the market. In 2018, Facebook’s share price dropped nearly 7% on the third day of their data breach. Facebook confirmed the breach on the third day. Cambridge Analytica Scandal is another scandal that decreased the market value of Facebook. Online users lost their trust in Facebook and many of the users deactivated their accounts. Hiring more certified ethical hackers can help an organization less susceptible to such data breaches. You can visit the website InstaPwn to know about Instagram hacking. Huge losses are faced by companies because of cyber-attacks. A 2017 cybersecurity report states that 978 million people from 20 different countries were victims of cybercrime in the same year. Ethical hackers can help to reduce the losses faced by an organization.

Easy to Use Cloud Transition

Nowadays, cloud computing is used for transition. Malicious hackers also use this platform to breach the network. The best security system and ethical hackers can help you to provide a smooth cloud transition. If you are an expert in hacking, check for career opportunities as an ethical hacker.