Admittedly, this point does not fit into the mobile application development. But it is very important to achieve success. Indeed, it will be crucial for you to analyze the data of your application, and therefore of your users. Create the app, launch it on the market, and eventually launch a marketing campaign. These are the main steps of your application. But without analyzing the results of these steps it will be difficult for you to take the road to success. For this, there are many possibilities. Localytics, Google Analytics, Flurry, Mixpanel. You should not underestimate the importance of analytics. Although Apple and Google already provide analytical tools for their store, they are not the most comprehensive you can access.


Mobile App Development: Mobile App Analytics

The purpose of analyzing your data by the app developer is to remain pro-active vis-à-vis your application and your users. The goal is to have information about the use of the app by users. There is information on the usage sessions, their durations, how they are organized. It is important to know the behavior of your users within your application. Whether good or bad, you will then be able to interpret this behavior to make changes and improvements to your application. Utilities such as Crashalytics can also help you track the various bugs listed in the application. It’s important to know where your users are having trouble so they can be solved as quickly as possible.

Application development

To drive your application to success, you will need key performance indicators. You will also need assumptions that you will need to test. Analytics will provide you with the tools you need to move toward success.

Define the interest of your application

Knowing clearly and accurately the value of your application for your future users are crucial. This will help you to develop a real sales pitch. If you define the purpose of your application, and therefore its interest for your users then they will be better able to download your app. The key goal of your application will be the heart of your mobile strategy. If you have a clear understanding of your users’ needs and expectations, and your development is geared toward those needs, then you’ll be in a position to deliver a quality user experience (UX). Later this could result in application growth as well as conversion rate.  From elegant media you will be having the best deal now.

Mobile Application Development: User Experience

Indeed, the main purpose of the application must be clearly defined, and easily understandable by your users. In addition, the more features, the more ergonomic design will be difficult. Obviously, it would be cumbersome and uncomfortable to put all the features available on one screen. The goal would be to have a design and features as simple as possible to facilitate your user’s experience. It is not up to your user to determine the main function of the app and how it will use it. It’s up to you to guide it, thanks to the design and organization of your application. Therefore, the interest of the application will have to be clear like water of rock in order not to question its growth.