Have you been thinking about creating a website for running your business? Then check out the website downtownhost.com. They are a Singapore hosting company that provide a variety of solutions for your internet requirements. They have been in the business for over 16 years and are synonymous with providing their customers with efficient web hosting facilities. Their services are bound to keep your website up and running, with 99.99% of uptime. That number is no joke in the web hosting industry, and DTH strives to keep it that way. No matter how big or small your business is, they have a lot of different flexible options that you can try out.

The most popular service that they provide is shared hosting. This service allows you to share your website space along with many other websites in the domain. Based on your requirements and your budget, you can choose between three different packages, namely the Shared Starter, Shared Professional, Shared Business. The Starter pack begins at a low price of $2.95 a month and is one of the most affordable packages out there. The Starter pack comes with features like unlimited email accounts, add-on domains, free Comodo AutoSSL and also full-time support from DTH. It is such a bargain and you get to choose the duration for the service you need, ranging from a month to three years.

Another advanced service that the Singapore hosting firm provides is Reseller hosting. It means that you will be able to host other third-party websites on your website and is a great option if your requirements are a little more complex. The packages for this service are split into Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Providing a very high bandwidth starting from 400GB, it is the perfect way to create a space to host multiple websites at once. All three packages also come with unlimited add-ons, complete support, and free Comodo AutoSSL.

If you are looking out to rent a server, then DTH have that too. They offer their customers with dedicated, semi-dedicated and virtual private servers, for a highly reduced price. This option is better than building your own server and the specifications for these servers are on the higher scale, with hundreds of gigabytes of Bandwidth and a lot of disk space. Whatever solutions you need, DTH has it. If you want to find out more information about what they offer, you can always engage in a live chat with the support team or you may email them with the contact information provided on the website. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit the downtownhost.com page and kick-start your business like the thousands of happy customers all around the world.