Article VS The Blog Tale

It is an era where speed is the sole factor that drives the day, literally! Be it the speed of your vehicle to be on the physical movement, or be it the speed of your internet connection determining your digital movement. In such an era, where information and knowledge is flooding from every nook and corner of any passerby’s life, what is it that would make someone stop and take a peep, to expect the least, at an article or a piece of blog? Get the best service for writing blogs and articles.

Well, this is a well-established fact that to scrutinize in a quick glance the length of the article is the very first ‘automated’ reaction of any reader, of any category – be it an occasional sort or an avid type. Thus, while writing an article or any piece related to an issue/topic it has to be a conscious effort and maneuver of the expression to try and make it ‘visually’ appealing in terms of its word count. After all, which reader would be excited at giving even a half-a-second of attention to an article that looks like a never ending collection of lines and paragraphs!

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Now, as much as the article needs to be of a suitable count, one fact a writer in task should never forget and force the curtailed path on himself and that is the topic/issue that is being detailed. This can very well be appreciated by using two examples. Say, an article/blog related to a subject of Fashion and one related to a Medical matter. So, in the one related to trends in fashion, you start shoving in textile related technicalities in a bid to pour more information in the article, it is bound to stretch beyond the acceptable limits. Here, the catch is that you are not making a curriculum for fashion students but giving general, common information regarding that aspect of fashion that can be understood by anyone going through it. Similarly, say if you take a medical matter as the topic concerned and merely touch upon the definition and some very concise information, it would make the reader feel a ‘wasted time’ feel. This is because you may want to restrict the length and thus you take the path of ‘assumption’ i.e. to take it for granted that the reader should know. So, be very objective about the subject matter of the written content. When in doubt, get the best service.

Then comes the article v/s the blog tale!  A blog is something that needs to quickly abreast its reader about the very latest that is relevant. So, a blog needs to be of a couple of lines, very accurate in its expression and the ‘assumption’ factor may be accepted here while writing it. This would automatically take the pressure of going too lengthy. But an article has to be given its due ‘respect’ in terms of the content. One may take a bit of a liberty here as it is considered to be a ‘whole pack’ in itself. To sum it up, use your discretion and a bit curtailed freedom of expression to write anything – be it a blog or an article.