How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

In childhood days, every kid would have tried to make paper boats and easy paper airplanes, right? The easy paper airplane however might not guarantee to fly for a long time though! Do you know this paper airplane has glided the air for many seconds and has set Guinness records? Yes, it is true. Ken Blackburn at his age of thirteen, in the year 1998 made a paper airplane his own way which flew for a longer time of 27.6 seconds and set the first Guinness record. This record was broken by Tokuo Toda in 2009 whose airplane flew for a more 27.9 seconds. Toda broke his own record the second time for 29.2 seconds which is the current Guinness record.

Step by Step guide

If you wish to make the first Blackburn’s Guinness holder airplane, then try making it yourself by following the simple paper airplane instructions below:

How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

  1. Take a paper of size 8.5 x 11″ (which is US letter size). Take the 8.5″ side and fold it into half.
  2. Open the open and fold the top right corner towards the crease. Just make a pinch and do not fold. Do it on both the sides. Use this pinch as a guide for next fold.
  3. Using the previous pinch as guide, now fold the top right corner to the center. Repeat the same folding on the left top corner too. Gives more of an trapezoid look after you have completed this step, right?
  4. Choose the short side of your trapezoid. Fold it down for about half an inch till it meets in the center.
  5. Repeat this fold for seven times. Now you have made total of eight folding right?
  6. Crease your folding well now. This will look and be the head of your airplane, isn’t it?
  7. Now it is time to fold the airplane wings. Now fold the plane into horizontal half.
  8. Open it up again.
  9. Fold each half in outside direction, for about half inch in the center.
  10. It is time to make the wing flaps now! Just fold the edge of both the wings. Make sure it is in line with the folding that make the head of the airplane. Tada! Your airplane is ready to glide now!


Now fly your airplane with nose/ head pointing towards the air and see how far it can glide and how long it takes to reach the grass. Blackburn has said the secret to a best paper airplane is ‘good folds, good throw and good design’. Isn’t it true? Now it is your turn to glide your best paper airplane glider high up in the air!