Internet is the biggest innovation in the history, I know there have been many great things like discovery of wheel or fire, but no invention has impacted the course of history in this way and at this fast pace. It was only 29 years ago that Tim-Berners Lee a scientist at CERN developed world wide web, the first version of what we call today as internet. The purpose was to help different military bases communicate with each other in a fast and effective manner using computers; another aspect of this communication was security. Today this web has encapsulated the entire globe, our life is unimaginable without internet connections today, the speed of growth has been phenomenal and just like the universe it just keeps on expanding with exponential speed, which is hard to keep up for mere humans. In fact it is flooded with so much information on daily basis that we tend to lose count of what is important and what unimportant. freos is here with one aim to make the people differentiate the important from the unimportant.

FREOS targets the technology related aspect of information and tries to give its users the latest updates in those sectors. I will give you an overview on what type of information you can get from FREOS; any government updates changes in law or any new situation in the tech world. The major topics covered are as follows.

  • Crypto currency

FREOS understands the value of Crypto-currency in today’s day and time, it is the currency of choice due to its discreet nature, yet due to its volatile nature there are lots up and downs in the market. Also governments world over create new policies for it so people need to be updated about it. FREOS tries to get this information to you on a regular basis.

  • Data theft

With the advancement in technology comes a threat as well. As you must have seen in recent Facebook lawsuit issues, data theft is a serious issue and we must be aware of this, it’s not the companies that were at risk but also the common man.

Here are the different ways to be part of this initiative.

  • Newsletter

By signing up with FREOS newsletter, you get all latest updates in your e-mail.

  • Ambassador programme.

By joining the ambassador programme, you can become the official representative of FREOS in your community and be responsible for spreading the word.

  • Angel investor

If you got the funds you can also invest your capital in this project.

  • Marketing team.

By joining the marketing team you will be responsible for marketing the products along with many other enthusiasts from around the globe.