How to Sell Instagram Accounts Online Things to Keep in Mind

It’s not an unknown fact that you can sell Instagram accounts as well as buy them. If you’re creative and dedicated enough, you can earn quite a good amount of money by selling Instagram accounts. Brands and businesses use Instagram as an important tool to promote their image and expand their consumer base. It’s not necessary that only international brands like MRF, Apple, and L’Oreal can have their business profiles on Instagram; a lot of small-scale businesses use Instagram accounts to connect with their potential customers. These are the people to whom you can sell Instagram accounts.

Even though Instagram asks you to agree that you will not sell your account to another person, it is not a legal violation if you do so. So why not make some money out of your social media profiles? Don’t worry; we are not talking about your personal Instagram profiles here. You know that you can add and use more than one Instagram account at a time on your Instagram app right? Well, you can, and that’s how you start growing accounts on the side while you’re still logged into your personal account.

sell Instagram accounts

The price of a website depends on the number of followers, likes per post, comments per post, and quality of the followers. When I say “quality of the followers,” it means the activeness of the followers on Instagram. You can earn good amount of money by growing Instagram accounts with good quality followers that are genuine. If you’re an active person on social media, you might know for a fact that there are software that can create robot accounts. Some people use them to simply add to the total number of followers they have. These kinds of accounts won’t get you any money since the followers are not really people.

How to Sell an Instagram Account?

You can sell your accounts directly to a buyer or you can sell it to a dealer company which is into selling and buying of Instagram accounts. Selling your account to a company is rather safe when compared to selling it to an unknown person. The authenticity of the dealer, method of transaction, and problem-solving services are available only if you are selling your Instagram accounts to a company and not a person.

Most of the online websites that will buy your Instagram account will have certain conditions which your account will have to satisfy. For example, websites like will buy your accounts only if you have a minimum of 5000 followers. This number can vary greatly from website to website. Most of the websites will buy accounts with a good number of followers and at least medium activity. Low activity in the page will result in the decline o0f the price of your account. Also, your account must not be illegally acquired or portray negative messages like warnings and violent content. The qualification requirements of accounts vary a great deal in different websites.

You will have to provide your details as well as the details of the account you want to sell to the dealer website. Once the website makes sure that your account is fit enough to buy, you can connect with them for a discussion on the price via live chat. All the financial transactions will be done through a secured payment gateway or through e-wallets. You really don’t need to worry much since the whole process is very simple.