Best Online Marketing Blogs 2018

Being an internet marketer, we know that you are busy and time is essential to you. You have to create content for your website, promote the content, create marketing pieces, keep yourself updated on the current issues within your niche, make sure you are connected with your audience, develop products, and much, much more. And not to mention that you need to follow and read a blog or two from your industry titans.

And this is why we have come up with this article. It is an unchangeable fact that we all have only 24 hours a day, and how we use those hours matter. You don’t want to spend time on reading blogs and content that waste your time, but rather, you want to make sure all the time you spend into reading other people’s blogs are well-spent and will improve your marketing skills and knowledge. So, here are the 5 best online marketing blogs for 2018 that worth your time.

1. The Moz Blog

If you want to keep yourself updated on SEO or inbound marketing related news, the Moz Blog is one of the must-reads. This is a popular blog that covers almost everything you need to know and learn about internet marketing, especially SEO.

Each of the content that the Moz Blog posted offers great value and insight with actionable tips. Regardless of whether it is an announcement made by Google or any changes in the game, the Moz Blog will keep you updated and prepared you for what is coming.


2. Kissmetrics

When it comes to analytics and testing, the Kissmetrics blog offers the best advice and guidelines you should follow. Their writers are experienced marketers who have been in the industry for years, and Neil Patel is one of them. The blog posts from Kissmetrics are highly data-driven and proven through research and statistics.

If you think that analytics and data research are only meant for established blogs, you are wrong. Many times, the statistics and data you get from your blog tell a lot about what you need to do to improve and do better. These key findings help a lot in making a decision and crafting your marketing plan. This is whyKissmetrics is one the best online marketing blogs you must follow in 2018.

3. Socialfresh

If you want to build a strong online presence, you cannot ignore the power of social media. And this is what the Socialfresh blog is all about; social media. As the title of their blog suggests, the content mainly focuses on social media such as growing your presence, building rapport, and driving leads from social networks.

Besides that, another great reason to follow Socialfresh is the way they presented their blog posts. Most of their articles come with podcasts and some even include speeches and presentations. You don’t have to sit and read the articles, you can turn to your podcast and listen, or when you are tired, just watch the short videos to understand and learn more about the topics.

Another rising star in the world of social media is Useproof. Useproof focuses on identifying and converting more customers on your website through the use of social proofs. You can also check out their blog at to understand their services and learn more about the power of social media conversion.

4. Content Marketing Institute

Due to the easiness in sharing information, content marketing has become ever important. One study states that almost half of the 18 to 49 years old people read their news and information on the internet and the numbers are still growing. This proves that content marketing can be the future and this is why you must follow the Content Marketing Institute blog.

You can learn a lot about creating quality content such as storytelling, content strategy, the best blogging practices, and more. The blog also shares their latest events that you can take part if you want to.

5. Marketing Land

Marketing Land is another popular and powerful blog that you should follow and read constantly. They provide breaking news and stories from all aspects of the digital marketing industry. Not only that, their posts usually come with practical advice and tips that you can actually implement to your online business.

One of the amazing features from Marketing Land is that they publish in-depth and specialist articles that are written by experts in the particular niche. This has made their content interesting and very insightful.