Although it is assumed repairing an android phone is easy since many people use these smart phones. However, you cannot take a gamble with your device. You spent your hard earned money on it and it deserves to be treated with care. Many repair shops offer to repair androids but you need to scrutinize who you entrust with your device. When handling an android repair so many systems get interfered with. You need someone who understands every aspect of the android phone so that once everything is done and sealed, you phone is as good as new.

Reasons why you should pick repair sharks for your android repair


When repair sharks work on your device, you get a 60 day warranty on all the parts we worked on. Should you develop problems in this period, you can get back to us and we will work on your phone. We are confident on the quality of work we do as well as the parts we use on your android phone. However, you also require confidence in us. This is why we offer this warranty.

android repair

Free insured shipping

For our clients who are far, when you send us your android device, we offer insured shipping absolutely free. We understand that sometimes you may not have a reputable repair shop near you. It is best to play it safe by shipping your device to tried and tested professionals.

Fast repairs

You will not have to go long without your android device. We are usually able to do a diagnosis and repair within 24 hours. Sometimes, if the problem is minor, you can get your phone back in the shortest time possible. We not only work fast, we work efficiently too. For your cracked glass and LCD replacements, you will have this done in under an hour. How cool is that? You only get this with repair sharks.

Budget friendly

We understand phone repairs are not budgeted for. These are unprecedented and sometimes find you off guard. We ensure we give you a fair rate that will not dent your pockets. Do not fret when your android needs repair, it will not cost you an arm and a leg. You can fix your android affordably while at the same time getting first class service.

Phones do not always give a warning when they are about to give way. Sometimes the damage is sudden and you may not understand why it happened. This happens a lot with electronics. It is sometimes not your fault. Thankfully, we handle all the android repair needs you may have. Come for our free diagnosis today and get started to bring your android back to life.