Is IBM i (iSeries/AS400) Cloud Hosting Right For You?

IBM i Cloud Hosting is the best option for businesses that want to leverage IBM i for their critical business applications. IBM i Cloud Hosting provides all of the benefits of the IBM i platform with the added flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

IBM i Cloud Hosting is perfect for businesses that want to leverage IBM i for their critical business applications, take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, reduce IT costs and improve operational efficiency. To learn more about how IBM i Cloud Hosting can meet your specific requirements, read on to discover how the IBM i Cloud Hosting is optimized for IBM i, and IBM i experts have defined four key IBM i Cloud Hosting use cases.

The IBM i hosting platform is built on IBM i and Apache HTTP Server. On the front-end, Web service providers that can build IBM i applications and Web sites using Java technology will be able to use the same code they have been using to build Web sites and applications. This means there is a full ecosystem of Web service providers who can create IBM i applications, so if you are a Web service provider already, this is the right choice for you. You will use this environment to run your existing Web site or applications, or to build new ones.

The environment on the back-end enables you to take full advantage of cloud management features and services. The IBM i backend hosts and manages all application data, which includes databases and Web services, to help you meet your business requirements for high availability and manageability.

IBM i hosting

IBM i Cloud Hosting is easy to manage and extremely scalable, and because it is built on IBM i, you have full control over the operating environment. The on-premise IBM i solution is ideal for businesses that need complete flexibility and want the ability to choose their own hardware, software and data center, whereas cloud environments require a fixed infrastructure.

On-Premise IBM i Cloud Hosting is the best choice for your current, most-critical applications, and provides you with complete control over the environment. This gives you the ability to choose your own hardware and software, and the on-premise version includes all of the features available in the Cloud Hosting environment, as well as many of the advanced features available in the latest IBM i and VSE releases.

Although the on-premise environment provides high availability and management features, it requires you to set up a private cloud. Most businesses only need one private cloud and do not need the ability to create multiple clouds for different purposes. Because of this, the on-premise option is ideal for businesses with one or two critical applications.

Once you have a private cloud set up, you can upgrade to IBM i Cloud Hosting. Unlike the on-premise model, IBM i Cloud Hosting is designed for more than one critical application, enabling you to create multiple cloud environments for different purposes.