Learn how to become an SEO expert

Most of the people are aware of the term called SEO. When it comes to SEO, I personally used to believe that one need not the technical SEO expert when it comes to learn about SEO or simply to use it. Simply, your powerful form of copywriting and awesome outreaching strategies can push you to the top and thereby you can become the SEO expert. But later I realized that the fact I have believed personally is dead wrong, here are some tips to become the SEO expert.

Copywriting and marketing:

 The most powerful components of SEO are technical, copywriting, and marketing.  Of being the SEO specialist, who can simply posses these three important skills, these can also make you an unstoppable driving forces into the SEO industry. This is also a big reason to focus on these three things. Once you bit aware of copywriting, simply you can move your expertise in marketing, and gradually on technical skills. Most of the people believe that the technical understanding is hard to find.

technical SEO expert

Structured data:

The structural data is the biggest thing in SEO. The search engines will love this when you confirm its standards. This thing always makes much easier for the people to achieve the main purpose of serving the relevant results to the user.

Site structure:

Another important feature of being the technical expert in SEO has well known about the site structure. Do you know one this; this can be the simplest thing to have the best site structure? Here are some tips to have the best site structure. Most of the people have wrong belief that, having good site structure is having XML sitemap into it. But this is quite wrong. This means you should build your site in such a way that the users have the breeze navigation.

This simply does not mean that you need to have more than tons of pages. Rather, you can have the small number of pages and get into the site structure all messed up. If you have the good site structure, this also means that you are completely caring about the link equity distribution of the site. Try to ensure the pages on the site you always care about are ranking well and they are easily accessible by linking everything from all relevant pages in the site.


This is the most basic feature when it comes to search engine. One can easily improve the indexing of their site, by eliminating the duplicate contents, XML sitemaps, and by connecting the site to greatest google webmaster tool. You can find more information related to become an SEO expert in the link mentioned already in the discussion.