Major Disadvantages of Playing GTA

GTA might be very much fun to play. But it sure has some disadvantages that come along too. Here, we will take a look at some of the game’s major disadvantages. We all know that GTA is one game which has been rated suitable for children aged 17 and above. This is due to the violent nature of the game. And so, this is indeed one of the major disadvantage. Before we go further into the game’s major disadvantages, if you love playing GTA and want to get the game on your system, it is quite simple: Google gta vice city download, and you will get several website links that will help you to download and install the game easily.

Now, to come to the major disadvantages.

  • It is very violent indeed

The chainsaw is one of the most bloodiest weapon in the game. The blood effects when one uses the chainsaw to kill someone itself is very violent.It’s not just the chainsaw, but also other weapons like the big guns with which you can actually blast off other people’s head, and so on there are several things that make the game filled up with bloody violence.

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  • It is a stress maker

Yes, this point contradicts the fact that the game is played by many in order get relieved from stress. This is because, despite GTA being a non-stop fun game, every GTA has at least one difficult mission which is nearly impossible to win. So if you were to encounter it, then it would not be much fun right?

  • Time- consuming

What most gamers do is that they wait till they finish one last game. They would be like, one last game and then they’ll stop. But GTA is not a game which you can finish up easily. Once you have entered the game, you cannot leave just like that.

  • GTA consists of some bad contents that can lead to bad behavior

One example for the same is drunk driving. There is a mode in the game which enables players to drive while they are drunk which is very dangerous.

Having listed down these disadvantages, it is up to you on whether you want to play the game or not. If you want to get the game it is easy as said in the beginning. All you have to do is Google gta vice city download and go to the website which you feel is trustworthy. Click download and install the game in your system.