A further evolutionary level in robotics is constituted by androids. Many of us have known them in Blade Runner, with the explicit and very apt name of replicants. Rather than being inspired by man, they aim to replicate his features in every detail , to the point that, in its most advanced level of evolution, it would be very difficult to distinguish an android from a human being. This is obviously a very difficult type of robot to create both as regards the mechanical parts and the general artificial intelligence systems that would be necessary in order to allow absolute functional autonomy, reliable for any context robot kits for kids.

However, androids should not be confused with cyborgs, which represent a broader typology, in which reference is made above all to human beings enhanced through cybernetics, such as the aforementioned Robocop, rather than the protagonists of Ghost in the Shell or Cyberpunk 2077, just so as not to bother the Darth Vader who, similarly to Robocop, is equipped with cybernetic limbs and a technological armor essential to keep Anakin Skywalker alive, after the dramatic loss of most of his original body.

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Software robotics

In citing the various types of robots, a mention is made to bots , that is robots without the hardware component . This is part of the RPA (Robotic Process Automation), systems capable of emulating the repetitive and routine activities that human beings are traditionally forced to, especially in their relationships.

Just think of the front office and back office processes in customer care, rather than in financial transactions, just to mention two recurring cases that can be automated and made more efficient thanks to computer systems based on strong artificial intelligence techniques such as NLP (Natural Language Processing).

In general, compared to the use for a similar routine task performed by a human being, bots are now mature enough to reduce the number of errors, offer a cheaper and faster service, both in implementation and in execution.

The most advanced systems, thanks to the high understanding of language in real time, are able to establish good results in the human-machine relationship, generating a promising level of empathy between the real and virtual interlocutors engaged in a verbal or textual relationship.

humanoid robot

The structure of a humanoid robot explicitly mentions that of man, expressing its appearance in the individual parts, such as head, body, arms, hands, legs and even particular accessories, attributable to tools of common use for humans.