What Laptop You Should Buy According To These Criteria

As the world takes another technological hype, more and more high-performing gadgets are being manufactured daily. This is due to the fast development of software and applications that would need advanced specs that can cater to their speediness. Because of this, the users are pushed to buy the latest models of gadgets like laptops, personal computers, specs, and mobile phones to catch up with the technological trend. But is it required to buy a new one? Let’s find out the tips that the techy folks can impart.

11Criteria of a Good Laptop

Before buying a laptop, you need to consider the following since you will carry and use it for a long period.


In purchasing a laptop, it is important to consider your preferred size. Because once you take it out of the store, some sellers will not allow you to return them unless there are defects. So, choose wisely.


The laptop’s screen is where most actions are conducted and seen. Hence, it is vital to check the quality of the display if it works well because it will not only affect your vision but also the quality of your work and leisure time.

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Laptops have built-in keyboards. So, it is important to check if all keys work well before buying them. You would not want to spend another bill on a new keyboard.


CPU is the brain of your laptop. Therefore, only choose laptops with the latest generation of Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor so that you will remain on top of your work or game.


Having a good random-access memory means it has a quick response in terms of reading and writing data for different applications.


The primary purpose of your laptop’s storage is to keep your digital files, OS, and applications for safekeeping and immediate use.

Battery Life

A laptop’s battery life dictates its service time. If its stored energy depletes easily, it will affect your work negatively. Hence, always check what type of battery was used.

USB Port

USB ports are good for transferring files and over time it keeps on improving. Thus, always choose the latest USB Type-C port for your convenience.

Biometric Security

Laptops are one of the personal belongings that are prone to be stolen or hacked when unattended. For that reason, choose laptops with robust biometric security to keep your files from cybercriminals.

Build Quality

Laptops are prone to dust, moisture, and falling. Therefore, always check its durability and easy cleaning access.


Almost all transactions nowadays are done online and the internet technology that is used isgetting more advanced. So to ensure fast accessibility to various digital files, your laptop must have great connectivity to different network providers.

Usually, laptops have a service life of 4 to 5 years depending on how they were used for. To avoid frequent buying, always seek the experts of laptop computers at JW.