The world is a rapidly advancing with several start-ups being established. However, establishing a business isn’t the only problem faced. Apart from land, office set up, factory set up, man power and appropriate funds, a business also requires proper advertising and popularity to flourish.

Advertising agencies have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few decades.

Advantages of advertisements:

  • It allows televisions, radios, newspapers and magazines to function. Without advertisement, these models would be ineffective and used less.
  • A single advertisement involves the creativity and hard work of several personnel including content writers, graphic designers and sometimes, certain actors. Hence it helps different people express themselves.
  • It helps the business popularise and grow.

Nowadays, the internet is largely responsible for advertising businesses and that is why business website design skills are of utmost importance.

Website designing involves handling the design and functionality of a particular website or web page. The hypertext markup language, commonly known as HTML is used all over the world for designing websites. It was originally established by  W3C and WHATWG.

Each webpage has a particular web address, just how each home has a particular address to which different parcels and mails are delivered. No two different houses can have the same address. Similarly, no two webpages can have the same web address, it is a characteristic property. This address is known as a URL or uniform resource locator. A home address comprises of different parts like the house number, street name, city, state, country and a postal code. Similarly, the URL comprises of

  • a protocol indicator (http).
  • a hostname.
  • a file name(index.html).

The address is usually broadcasted in the form of a hyperlink. A single click on this link will open the specified webpage in the web browser.

Several countries have their own country code. .kr is the country code for South Korea. It is a top level domain. It is intended to use entities concerned with South Korea.

Certain companies also use sponsored advertisements on other websites.

How to make a web-ad successful:

  • It must attractive and appealing to catch the users attention.
  • It should contain all the relevant information that a client needs.
  • It should also be user-friendly.

Problems encountered in web-designing:

  • The website may not be optimised for phones and tablets every time. Hence mobile versions need to be developed.
  • Too many images and icons may make the advertisement unappealing.
  • Too many options and functionalities can make the website confusing and less user friendly.

The business website design is not an easy task or a cake-walk. It involves experience, expertise, hard work and patience.