Maintaining employees files, tracking time manually of employees and running through chaotic process of calculation at end of each month is definitely a pain. If you are doing the above mentioned activities in your business, then you definitely need to look for a change. There are many software’s available in market which will give you relief from that disorder. Many of those are available for free. Now calculate the time at which your employee comes to the office and leaves without your notice, handle erroneous payrolls with ease. All with one software, you can schedule meetings, manage monthly payroll, set meeting clocks, manage and makeshift in schedules- all available for free. Now-a-days, a good employee time tracking software plays a key role in determining the fate of the business and apart from that many software’s are cost at the alarming rate.

For instance, Windows was once open-source, these days you have to purchase it for good amount of bucks. However, few software companies are allowing you to use their tracking software for free and at your convenience.

Employee Management Software: A knowhow

Maintenance of files manually and handling discrepancy of data is too frustrating eventually for the boss as well as for the employees. Thus if you intend to use an external trustworthy software, it can be very beneficial and can save lot of time and money. Additionally, there will be transparency within the organization. Some promising activities which the external software can provide are: access to payroll reports, scheduling of employees attendance and enabling time tracking mechanism. The other purpose of this employee time tracking software is enabling clock correction. If an employee forgets to punch in or out, he/she can set it by submitting a request to the manager.

Empl;oyee Datas

Advantages for employees:

Further, there are more advantages, like easy remuneration by employees. They can upload receipts and related documents for remuneration. The software’s enable access through mobile phones and apps too. The employee can allocate, schedule meetings and keep in touch with the staff at anytime by sending push notifications such as SMS. The format can be selected in which you choose to pay the employee – monthly basis, daily basis or hourly. You can instantaneously pick and make changes for every employee. Monthly payroll reports can be downloaded in any user-friendly format such as excel or CSV format.

Safe Data Storage:

Apart from the above, the database of the employees who have resigned will be withheld for one year.The mechanism on which these software are implemented is by acting as a data repository for your company and enabling you to link your accounting packages such as FreshBooks, BookKeepers, QuickBooks and many others to their online software.However, if the company has large number of employees, these software people will assist you in order to upload their details. These softwares are basically for companies with stationary locations. The company can choose to disable feature of remote login. Hence, get your free time clock feature today and make the advantage of it.