1. SENA 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System.

SENA 20S-01 is the most popular and most vulnerable motorcycle Communication  and Bluetooth Systems/ devices that are used by us. They are most popular and widely used devices available in the market today. Bluetooth 4.1 has a dual technology and hence enhances the headset working, reliability and also changes the audio quality from normal to HD that is up to 2.0km(1.2miles).

  1. SENA SMH5-01 Low-Profile Motorcycle and Scooter Bluetooth headset/Intercom (Single).

It is a device that is specifically designed for bikes and scooters, and the SMH5 series offers us the both way intercom features which always connects us to the motorcycle riders for conversations. It also allows us sharing of music through Bluetooth and gives a crystal clear sound.

  1. SENA SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom(Single).

SMH10 is a unique gadget or a unique device that designed keeping in mind for a longer range of connectivity that extends up to 900m i.e.(980yards), it happens while riding with others. It enables hands free calls and music sharing while Bluetooth connecititvity.

  1. Avantree Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset Kit.

This device has the feature of water retaining and is a multipoint helmet device with intercom and a set/pair of dual speakers. The features it allows are taking calls, Listening to music and a good feature of GPS support.

  1. UClear Digital HBC200 Force Bluetooth Helmet Audio System(Single Kit).

The UClear Digital HBC200 has a unique feature of HD audio, these Gadgets are also a multi accessories set fit for two helmets. It gives a very wide-ranging connectivity and hence features two of the options that deliver stereo audio for some of the helmet styles.

  1. SENA Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom.

This SENA product has brought a wide range of incredible and good technology in the market today. It is one of  the best product that features built-in FM Tuner and is just one of them.

7. UCLEAR Digital AMP Pro Bluetooth Helmet Audio System-Single Kit.

This product  has been designed on the basis of the sought after HBC Series, it is having a more powerful processor than other devices mentioned above. You just don’t get Bluetooth4.2 connectivity but you get a better range of connectivity. You get a clear voice and natural base and its damn correct that every one love to listen to high clear voices.

  1. SENA 20S-02 Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with Slim Speakers.

The 20S is a device that is a robust motorcycle and power sport Bluetooth communication system. It provides all of us a compact and aerodynamic design that comes with a nice multifunction jog dial that makes it very easy to use and controlled by all of us.

9. SENA SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom.

It is a low profile gadget although it has some rich and high performances features. It is a light weight product with an ultra slim and it a best/excellent choices for riders devices that they can use. It is for those who want to focus just on riding with least of fuss.

10. SCS ETC Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Speakers.

SCS ETC helmet Bluetooth headset is made for those riders/people who love to indulge in dependable and robust wireless communications when they are going out for riding. You can sync it with just any Bluetooth enabled phones and use it with most motorcycle helmets easily. Find more devices and motorcycle accessories here bikebandit.com .