What is a printer A Take at Digital Printing

Printer, one of the components of printer is a hardware device that generates a document based on the text and graphics received from the computer. These can be purchased along with the computers or even they can be bought separately. They can be impact printers or non-impact printers. Many organizations purchase printers based on its qualities, like color printers, memory, speed etc. Printers can vary in size, features, cost etc. Therefore one must be careful while assigning the font size, graphics etc. One of the printer language is Postscript, this language helps in converting the computer language to English and print it on the document. Another printer language, Printer command language is a code language which helps in communicating commands between the computer and printer to print. The Beste inkjet printer generally uses two types of font like the bitmap font and the outline font. Here the size of the font can be changed without losing the characteristics of resolution.

Beste inkjet printer

Printer is also defined as the machine for printing any text or image. These are mainly linked to computers. These can also work without the use of computer with the help of copying machine or the camera. In the current generation there are numerous types of printers used like the Plotters, Thermal printers, Inkjet printers and Dot matrix printers to name a few. Printers use many of the program language which is helpful in interpreting the programs and printing the output. Generally printers which are expensive in nature have the benefit of less expensive consumables like the ink of the printer, the toner and the ribbon used.  Generally there are three features that one needs to consider while purchasing the printers. They are the cost of the printers, the cost of the consumables and the cost of the paper. Printers have made the work environment friendlier. It has several interfaces like WI fi, Cat5, Parallel port, USB etc.

Digital printing:  There are several digital printing methods of which two are the most commonly used – inkjet printing and xerography.  According to statistics, these two methods alone accounted for 15% of printing jobs around the world.

  • The Beste inkjet printer uses fine droplets of ink propelled from nozzles in a printer head to emboss the image on different surfaces. Some of the surfaces include, plastic, paper, canvas, floor tiles and even doors.  This method is used a lot to print posters and even sighs.  It is very inexpensive if the materials to be printed are small – a thin book or a collection of pictures.  These can be used with other methods to print items such as mailing labels.

Xerography: This method includes laser printers.  The image which has to be printed is formed by applying a charge to a drum or metal cylinder. This charge then attracts toner particles which are transferred on the medium which has to be printed.  Before starting, the materials are run through a fuser so that the toner can get fixed properly to a surface.  Laser printers are very popular and used in offices and also in printing companies.  They can be used to do small print orders of brochures, books and documents.  These can also be used for transactional print jobs like bills from utility companies, bank statements and direct mail.