VoIP phone singapore - These are the top providers in town

VoIP or Voice over IP has been a mode of operation for small and medium businesses for years. Not just in Singapore, these devices are used all over the world. A major reason is that these are inexpensive and have flexible software. Another reason is that these phones can perform better and have more features than a traditional telephone. Some of these are also called cloud PBXes. They allow the users to handle voice communications via a web control irrespective of the number of extensions and where the employees are present. So, here are the top voip phone singapore providers

  1. Intermedia Unite 

They offer a complete PBX system that is provided through Cloud. The features are specifically designed for small to medium businesses and enterprises. The software is a third-party one and, the services are excellent. However, it needs a mobile app to sync and import contacts. This service has a limited number of call features throwing it off a little.

  1. RingCentral 

It is a global name as they have a network structure in Europe, Asia, and the USA. Hence, they have intensive features in their VoIP and have great collaborations. It makes them a reliable voip phone singapore provider. They believe in innovation as they incorporate AI in their offerings. The systems are customizable, and there is a variety of optional features. However, there is a limited extent to which one can customize the services, and the workflow is not as intuitive as they claim it to be.

VoIP phone

  1. Dialpad 

They have an AI-powered actionable system that has some great features. Their call center services are great as they focus on delivering the best service to their customers. One of the best things about this company is its smooth process for syncing contacts using the G Suite and Outlook. However, they charge a hefty amount of $15 per person as the number of participants exceeds 10. There is no provision for reporting the quality of the call, and there is no customization feature.

  1. 8×8 X Series 

They are a commonly used service in the case of small businesses as they provide several basic features at affordable prices. They have a solid desktop and mobile compatibility as the set-up system is easy to navigate. They also offer multiple price plans so that there is an option for every budget.

Voice over IP or VoIP is a commonly used service as small and medium businesses employ it for communication. To get smooth services, one should reach out to a good provider.