What is a SaaS software product? Explain in detail

SaaS means the software as a service. It is a software allocation model in which applications are hosted by the third party that is requested by the customer on the www. SaaS is one of the most important kinds of cloud computing among all its three categories that include:

  • IaaS (infrastructure as a service)
  • PaaS (platform as a service)
  • SaaS ( software as a service)

SaaS software products are very much correlated with the service providers which we usually said ASP. In simple words, we can say that SaaS is software on the internet which is used by all users to access any information. They provide us a platform to search for all the kind of information. We can say it is the hub of information. This idea of SaaS was begun in the 90s by a few entrepreneurs. If we compare it from last year it has now become the most appropriate business distribution model. The application managing model hosted by SaaS is parallel to the ASP, in which the service provider hosts the customer’s software and distribute it to the licensed end users. It provides access based on the network to the customers which gives a single copy of the application. This is specially designed to distribute SaaS. The source code fo application is ideal for all customers. Whenever any facility and function is rollout, then it is rolled out for all the costumers. This market has a big potential that gives a chance to become a member of the cloud.

Characteristics: All the entrepreneurs monitor the features and characteristics of SaaS regularly. It is a big opportunity for us to go to a big league. You only have to learn about the SaaS sale and its working. It has several benefits over traditional software business.

SaaS software products


  • Easily accessible: It is based on client centricity that explains the cloud s/w model. The service availability depends on an internet connection. The customers get to entertain or work on mobile as more as possible.
  • Unlimited editions: There are unlimited clouds apps are streaming and they grow regularly. The requirement of addition in software has become a mandate.
  • It continuously adding features for the smooth growth of software.
  • If we talk about the customer’s data safety it uses high-security standards. If a customer passes through security failure it must be his fault.


  • A high-security standard is its advantage but it does not assure about user data leakage which is a disadvantage for it. Commonly weak passwords are the cause of data leakage.
  • It is a big challenge for SaaS solutions to meet with state government requirement that comes under their regulations.