Web Host

How a domain name becomes a key to your domain name is because it is managed through a Domain name Server, or a DNS. It is a server that provides DNS services. For example, any request can be sent to a DNS Server to decipher its corresponding IP address, which it would. This Server is a simple server, so there is not much of a preparation or background work required for its installation. Talk to comrade web agency to get started.Web Hosting

A domain name essentially enables you to:

  • Have a site especially created for your potential customers, visitors, and browsers.
  • Make improvements in your existing site with various US-only content and features.
  • Form association internationally with the US market.
  • This enables you to mark your business presence in the target US market
  • Enlists your website presence in the US Directory.

As for the Web hosting section, the service is a full “mommy-like” care for your website! There are various packages to choose from in terms of the services. For example:

  1. The Low Cost shared Hosting. It is really cheap as far as the cost goes, as low as $10 a month. This means if you are new website with tight reins on your budget, this is the ideal lap for you! If you are the new one just jumped into the deep ocean of Web Ocean, this can even facilitate simple “leaflet-like brochures’ to speak and talk all about your website and business. Of course, like one nanny and too many, so would be the websites in this sort of server space!
  2. On the other end of the option is the High-end managed hosting, which is to ensure an exclusive server space that is nobody else’s business, literally! So, it gives you and your business presence a unique presence and accessibility in the digital atmosphere. Also, are you pampered with a 24/7 customer care facilities, an all round that is, both software and hardware support, and even facilities like due back up in case of any emergency. Also, they even facilitate extra features to control the ‘visitor’s traffic’ on board (or with clicks!) as and when the situation arises. The comrade web agency professional can help you get this going and beyond.
  3. In between these two could be the High –end Shared Hosting. These services provide the visibility to your website on only a few servers that are shared with only a small number of users (usually up to 100). This service is suited for websites that require a boost in their performance while staying within a certain budget. Also, there would be facilities like additional (in most cases, non-existence though) storage space and bandwidth, but the customer service is negligible.

Domain name and Web Hosting are the way to go if you intend traversing the path to ascent of your business bid in this ocean of virtual world! Hosting the browser by creating a domain name that speaks about your business and profession; you have got it with a website – speak to a web design company today!