The widespread of various technologies in the computer world for over several decades has made the growth of a large number of complex systems which require maintenance at very high rates. And some of you think like you could eliminate some data on a regular basis or at least to transfer them to another storage type. This is simply called Data Migration process in which one can automate the transfer of data into different computers and also in various file formats. The necessity of data migration happens to a various reasons that include replacing the storage or server replacements, application migration, maintenance, relocating data center and many more. In order to achieve this effective data migration procedure, data extraction where data is read from old system and data loading where writing into the new system is carried on; these are the two important techniques which need to be done with care from old system to the new system. As it involves some amount of technical knowledge to carry on this process, people get confused on how to achieve it. Now, this is where the companies have emerged that could help in making people achieve this i.e. transferring a huge amount of data from one type of storage to another. One of the most commonly used tools which is helpful in database migration, SEO value and many more is the Magento 2 migration

Components of Magento 2

The Magento 2 migration tool is helpful in moving all kinds of products, customers, store configurations, and many more from one type of storage to another. Some of the components that are used in the tool to migrate your data are as follows:

  • Extensions and custom code- this component will allow you to use Magento 1 extension in Magento 2 also. One can even purchase or download the latest versions of the Magento extensions in Magento marketplace. Another feature like code migration toolkit can be helpful in porting your extensions and custom code from Magento 1 to 2 thereby reducing your efforts.
  • Themes and customizing facility- Magento 2 is made up with new approaches and technologies that are helpful in creating the unforgettable shopping experiences. In order to get facilitate from these advancements, it is necessary to change the themes and customizations of the tool. One can even do documentation in online and can create their themes, customizations and much more.

Some of the most important tips that need to be considered while moving your large amount of data from one storage type to another are as follows:

  • Before using the data migration tools, have a clear idea of what you want to move, and by default if you use “all” option while moving then it will lead to some problems like insufficient space. Therefore, it is better to have a well planned idea before doing the process.
  • Using the correct storage media is another important thing that has to be considered while moving the data from one to another. Choosing the branded and more expensive media will be helpful in perfect storage.