How to do on page SEO audit within few minutes

Usually on-page SEO is the hectic process that needs to be done along perfect check and carryout an early process from SEO perspective. SEO audit do not have to be complicated and by walking through few steps, it is easy to look at every page that is easy to complete the audit process for free tools. The best things about audit process are that it can be carried out in few minutes. Here in this article we can make audit process easily through simple six steps. They are

1.      Check SERP – In this step, you need to check on the brand first and then determine the domain indexing correctly. The search result should be first and it is important to appear in first. While checking for it, one should consider checking the CTR, heading, URL and Meta description that makes the potential visitor to gain clickable link through the page. When check for the SERP page options, it is easy to find common technical problems that are found with indexation faster. You can analyze on-page SEO audit better when done through proper steps.


2.      Detect possible penalty from Google – If your site has hit the penalty of Google, you will suspect the options and it is often known as the penalization due to large drop organic traffic. When you get through this option, you can make sure that Google is completely fine with the site options. This is mostly done through the use of robots but it can be effective in result if done through the human resource. Thus, is the human based check that can be carried out with the perfect audit.

3.      Finding hidden text – In most of the sites, hidden texts are not created and it is an unwilling option to process along the customization. You can easily get the customization and understand each factor that is preceded through most cases. This hidden text may sometimes lead to penalization of Google. As auditing, it has to be taken into consideration and made a look over through the majority cases.

4.      Run speed test – Page speed is one of the important factor with ranking and other factors. It will become a best ranking factor when you want to choose a mobile device within optimization. The use of reliable tool can simultaneously improve the mobile versions.

5.      Analyze on-page factors – On-page SEO factors are the more vital fact that is considered to check in the initial processing of an article. The checklist factors include

a.       Title

b.      H1 heading

c.       Meta description

d.      Images

e.       Redirections

f.       Duplicate pages

g.      Internal links

h.      Page crawling and indexation

i.        Not found and server error

6.      Analyze particular issue – After all these issue and inspection, you need to make an audit of the description and possible solution on set that is heading towards the process.