Is Your Blog Sailing towards the Right Direction

If you have ever tried flying a kite against the wind, you know what it means to run a website against all odds. Even if you are the most economic person on earth, you cannot neglect the value of a good website, quality social media presence, and user-oriented content and expect to sail smoothly in the internet business world. If you run a blog but aren’t convinced it is doing well, here are some great signs that tell of a performing blog.


Your blog is right on track if the subscriber count has been growing slowly and steadily. A blog that gets at least a subscriber every month is definitely on the right track. Creating quality content, crafting result-oriented marketing campaigns, and keeping your blog updated always isn’t all you need to do to keep your blog running smartly. There are lots more. Some of the smart blogging tactics are better left to professional SEO Dubai specialists.

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More comments don’t necessarily mean your blog is doing very well. Of course, a blog that gets numerous comments on each post will certainly have a bigger following. However, if most of the commenters make short comments to show their activeness in following your posts, it may mean that though your blog has a huge following, it may not be doing very well. A blog that gets 10 comments that provoke reactions is better than a website that gets 100 non-provoking comments.

Page Visits, Views,and Visitors

Blog stats tell an important story about the performance of certain blogs. Blogs that receives increasing visitors, page views and visits are without doubt doing very well and moving in the right direction. You need to be conducting regular blog stats evaluation to know how your blog is doing. If you realize that the stats of your blog have been raising, you can sure that your site is doing well.

More Reads and Conversions

Good blog performance can be defined by the number of reads and conversions. A blog that gets more and regular reads is without a doubt on the right track. Also, a blog that gets more conversions will be without a doubt performing very well. It is highly recommended that you evaluate your website on regular basis to know how many reads and conversions it is getting. If it is getting more and frequent reads and conversions, you can have some assurance that you aren’t doing badly.

Running a successful blog comes at a cost. There are many ways to tell how your blog is performing and the above outlined are some of the best techniques to check out. In case you are seeking for assistance to boost your blog performance, you may need to hire a professional SEO Dubai specialist. We have thousands of trusted and experienced SEO experts in Dubai who you can always count on.  One of the most trusted SEO companies in Dubai is United SEO has many years of experience providing high-quality and affordable SEO services that meet and exceed the special needs of every customer.