Are you ready to increase sales, but you are not quite ready to hire and train a team of new representatives?

You may like affiliate marketing.

This article will show you how good partner management can generate big sales, with virtually zero risks (as long as you work with the right affiliates).

Is that how it works.

Affiliates sell their products for a commission. They are not on your payroll. They get their own leaders and receive money only when there is a sale.

The main advantage of working with affiliates is that they do their job and you have access to a completely new audience that you could never reach.

If you find a good partner, you have already developed a relationship with these leaders and have launched them for purchase.

The dream came true? Maybe But there are also disadvantages.

When it comes to finding an excellent partner, the results may differ. Some of them are elegant and careless, while others are friendly and customer oriented. Therefore, we are pleased to share with you a little about what we have learned in the last five years in affiliate marketing.

Here are 5 characteristics that you should keep in mind when choosing a partner.

1. Your partner has a website that meets your standards.

If you check your partner’s site and feel that since 1994 you have been working with a lot of unwanted messages and outdated content, this particular partner may not attract the potential customers you expect.

2. Your partner does not use other products.

The general partnership strategy is to use controversial reviews to promote products. If your partner goes through a lot of products (products that also link), this means that you use the attractiveness of the disputes to interest the product, and hoping to sell something along the way. If you work with this person, they will most likely kill you, and you will have a free gun in your hands. Do not risk trading with a bad reputation online for a few sales.

3. Your branch has a platform.

Although it is not on your payroll, managing branches requires time and energy. Make sure they bring something to the table. If they do not have a receptive list, an active blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel, social networks or some other way to reach the audience, they probably will not be able to attract potential customers to sales.

4. Your partner adds value.

This person will become an extension of your sales team. You do not want to communicate with someone who is also sending unwanted emails. Find someone who adds value through useful or entertaining content. This is a good indicator that this partner establishes relationships with customers, which generally leads to higher conversions and quality clients.

5. Your partner is professional.

There are many affiliated vendors in the world. Some of them are incredible. Some do not Before working with an affiliate, register on the list of possible marketers to see if their content matches the standards of your brand.

Here at, we are a professional affiliate company that offers a first class service for small businesses that want to add affiliate marketing to their revenue sources, without the hassle that this entails.