Since its creation, the madness of social networks has exploded and quickly became an advertising phenomenon. Nowadays, there are many sites on the Internet and many of them use a lot of them while staying in touch with friends and potential customers.

To help you solve it, here are some examples of social media management pricing  you could offer. You can adapt these basic ideas to your strengths and weaknesses and, of course, the needs of the client.

It is therefore important that you use social media management to keep abreast of current trends and continue your efforts to market your business. As we have seen with print advertising, such as newspapers, commercials, and even radio and television ads, these pillars of the advertising industry have declined in recent years in its ability to reach the target audience.

A typical menu of services would include profile configuration, routine maintenance, reputation management, and content creation and distribution. Now, you’re probably reading that and scratching your head, wondering what I’m talking about. Do not worry, let’s take each of them and break them down for you.

The configuration of the profile is just what it looks like

Your potential customer may not have a profile configuration on the network of your choice. This is where your skills will be needed. Add an image, a short biography, contact information, etc. Some potential customers may have a profile configuration that they have not updated for months. This will ensure that your profile is updated with the appropriate information, as well as up-to-date email and website information as needed.

The routine administration will involve daily monitoring of your specific profiles. If they are active in more than one social network You will be responsible for filtering friend requests, personal messages, private messages and replies to your tweets or updates.

Reputation management and control involve following their names and keywords

 This will involve a little research on your part, but it will be useful for your potential customers. They may want to know what their competitors are doing or sharing and can help them keep pace with their specific industry.


Finally, creating and distributing content is another service you can offer your potential customer. This involves sharing their content in different networks. It may also involve investigating the latest trends in your industry. This search can be used to create blog posts or share with your client to create a video, audio or podcast. There are many things to share online. You need to grasp the information available in it. Though there are many services available online, it is necessary for you to make things alike. You can go ahead with the services rich in the best factors.

The services offered will depend on your skills and level of comfort in providing the service. The next obvious question is the breakdown and social media management pricing; do not forget to come back for more information on configuring your pricing as it happens!